Our tools build businesses.

We build tools for businesses that move fast—partnering with early-stage entrepreneurs from idea, to hiring, to funding. We've developed a suite of state of the art tools to build and manage new platforms securely in real-time.

Our philosophy is to make our footprint fully transparent and removable, giving you full ownership and control.

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Human.Build Dashboard

Unlock a world-class workflow.

We've packaged everything we've learned from building industry-leading platforms into one simple to use dashboard.

Fully Managed

Manage your business securely from anywhere at Human.Build with powerful tools for metrics reporting, user management, and content workflow. All clients benefit from free security and feature updates, keeping their core business access point secure and maintained.

Custom Data Types

Along with standard fields for dates, currency, images, etc. we've built a set of custom types that can serve even the most complex needs.

  • Lists

    Dynamic collections of various types of data.
  • External

    Form fields that update linked documents.
  • References

    Values that point to referenced documents.
  • Relationships

    Structured relationships that are useful for securing data.
Human.Build was developed with support from the National Research Council of Canada

Try our editor.

This is an interactive demo of our rich content editor. Click inside and start typing to try it out!

Take it for a test drive.

There's more to it than this. We can even build custom components for any of the data on your platform!

Managed Cloud Services

A custom cloud without the bill.

We've built cloud services for some of your most common tasks, and we run them free or at cost for all active clients.

  • Form Relays

    Manage form submissions with custom fields and ReCaptcha v3 spam filtering.

  • Shortlinks

    Build custom shortlinks with analytics using our premium hmn.to domain (or your own).

Collective Code

Build IP, not vendor lock-in.

We've already invented the wheel, so we can focus on what makes your platform unique. Building on our shared layer of proven integrations and techniques.

So integrated, it's invisible.

Our philosophy is to add functionality without losing flexibility. We don't introduce a 3rd party API. Our clients own their clouds, databases, security rules, and server logic. We even preserve all of the native Firestore datatypes like timestamps and geo-locations for powerful querying and updates. Any code from our shared layer is available to all clients in raw form with unlimited license.

Reliable, remarkable, removable.

Our cloud dashboard and managed services are built to be removable. They run on top of your own services and IP. Here when you need them, but easily removed when you don't. They use your auth service and security rules, not a full-access service account. You can even prep and sanitize metrics in your cloud environment before they are accessible by our dashboard.


As with all of our managed services, Human.Build is free for all of our active projects.

Active ProjectsPost-Engagement
Managed Dashboard
Full access to Human.Build.
👍 FreeCustom Plan
Managed Cloud
Form relays, shortlinks, etc.
👍 Free / At-CostCustom Plan
Collective Code
Shared layers for web & apps.
👍 FreeUnlimited Licence