Newsletter - April 2020

Let’s share more than just a mission.

Announcing the Human ecosystem: a layer of code shared among the collective. With it, we'll spend less time on maintenance and more on what’s important.

Before starting Human, I would have guessed that most startups fail because of poor timing, not enough funding, or team politics. Now that I’ve met with several founders and product agencies, I’m convinced that far more businesses fail in their early years because they don’t find the right technical partner.

Don’t get me wrong: some agencies build great products, but they don’t build great businesses. We’ve spent the past couple of years partnering with founders on product strategy, technology, hiring, and fundraising, and our success has convinced me that we’ve found a better approach. That’s why we announced last year that we’d cut our short term projects to focus entirely on our partners.

Our 2019 announcement about switching focus to our long-term partnerships.Our 2019 announcement about switching focus to our long-term partnerships.

This is more than a shift in focus; it’s a new business model. Today we launch the first of many steps in that transformation: the Human ecosystem.

The ecosystem is a layer of code shared by all of our projects. It will serve as a “commons” for everyone in the collective. With the unique tools we've built to manage it, we can now add new features, make updates, and connect services across all of the products we build. Sharing this work reduces the cost of standard features and maintenance for each project, and frees us to work on real IP.

We’ve already seeded the ecosystem with some exciting new features.
Here’s just a taste of what we’re announcing today:

Mobile Apps
Themeing & Dark Mode
Cloud Push Notifications
Cloud Image Optimization
Per-User Permissions
Editable Data Tables
Searchable Lists
Cloud APIs
Scheduled Triggers
Secure Functions
Exception Monitoring

Now, each one of our partners gains a greater set of features and services than they could have built and supported with their own budget. What’s more, we get to invest our time into working on what makes their project unique. This is exactly the kind of edge you can expect from us this year.

If you’re already an active partner with Human: we’re excited to answer any questions you might have, and we’ll plug your product into our ecosystem in the coming weeks. If you haven’t partnered with us yet, but you’re considering it, this is yet another reason to start.

There’s so much more to announce this year.
We can’t wait to tell you about it.

Mitch Butler
Founder, Human Collective
1 (888) 823 1176