How we think about design specialization.

If you have a hard time understanding design roles, here’s a shortcut: design is a spectrum from conceptual to practical.

Why Not?

If someone at work asks their manager “Why do we hold this weekly meeting?” or “Why does our product have this feature?” the response should never be “Why not?”

What can we Learn from Brutalist Web Design?

As designers, sometimes we forget about our audience. We set out to build things that are trendy or technically interesting instead of powerful and meaningful.

Methods of Production

Once again we need designers to take an interest in the materials and methods they’re designing for. It’s is the only way we’re going to uncover the value of technically limited products like natural language or predictive interfaces.

What Leaders can Learn from the Conductor

A few weeks ago I saw the Berliner Philharmoniker. The show was so full that the only available seats were in a balcony behind the orchestra and facing the conductor.

The Most Efficient Path

When a startup has plenty of funding, they take the shortest path to their vision. They get out ahead of the market to offer something new. What they build is disruptive. It’s different from what customers are asking for.

Customer Culture

Startups should evaluate and seek early customers with the same care they apply to early employees. You want to find valuable allies that you can trust with your product.